FCO-IM analysis process

In the Fact Oriented Modeling (FOM) method Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM), full emphasis is given - i.e.: to a far greater extent than other FOM methods do - to the analysis process of fact stating sentences (fact expressions). The founding principle of FCO-IM, namely that “all objects are in fact facts”, strongly contributed to the full understanding, workability and implementability of the FOM analysis process of fact stating sentences verbalized by domain experts and expert users. The introduction of object type expressions to deal with objects as objectifications (or nominalizations) of their existence postulating fact stating sentences proved to be the master key unlocking doors which so far could only be opened using inelegant brute force. Even doors already known to hide interesting things (such as recursive identification) that were still closed to operational analysts, could be opened surprisingly easily by this master key. After a short introduction of the main FCO-IM concepts and the main steps for drawing up an FCO-IM information model, the FCO-IM analysis process of fact stating sentences will be discussed in depth.
Title: The FCO-IM Analysis Process of Fact Stating Sentences
Written by: Guido Bakema, Jan Pieter Zwart
Published: 19 Januari 2008 at the Second Libyan International Symposium on Information Systems Modeling and Development
Language: English
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