Automatic application development

This paper presents an architecture for defining models for application generation from the fact oriented point of view. We explain how to generate application components such as user interface parts, the database and the transactions. This requires a data use model that contains pragmatic aspects of the UoD, in addition to the usual data structure model, which contains the se-mantics of the UoD. The single point of definition of these models simplifies their validation by the domain expert and ensures their mutual correctness dur-ing the entire development phase. The infrastructure was implemented in a pro-totype tool, which supports the creation of the application metadata and gener-ates the application components. This prototype tool has an open repository. We are using it for further research in this area as well.


Title: A Fact Approach to Automatic Application Generation
Written by: Elton Manoku, Jan Pieter Zwart, Guido Bakema
Published: Journal of Conceptual Modeling 37, September 2006
Language: English
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